The Consultation thanks the 83 candidates for the elected offices of our church who submitted endorsement application questionnaires to us. That’s also 83% of the total number running. We read them carefully and were inspired by the wide array of gifts and passions we found, making our endorsement process very difficult. With gratefulness to them all, we selected the following candidates whose commitment to social justice and skills for leadership seemed most likely to advance the mission of our church in the positions where they seek to serve.

Trustees of the Church Pension Fund
The Rt. Rev. Diane M. Jardine Bruce
Mr. Edgar Kim Byham
Mr. Gordon B. Fowler, Jr.
Mr. Ryan Kusumoto
Mr. William McKeown
Mr. Solomon Owayda 
The Rev. Austin K. Rios

General Board of Examining Chaplains
The Rev. Rosalind C. Hughes
Mr. Gregory Robbins
Ms. Janet Roth
The Rev. Mark Story

Disciplinary Board for Bishops
Mr. William Fleener
The Rev. Alistair So
The Executive Council
The Rev. Devon Anderson
The Rt. Rev. Anne Elliott Hodges-Copple
Ms. Diane B. Pollard
Ms. Sarah Stonesifer

Trustees of the General Theological Seminary
The Rev. Thomas (Tommy) Dillon
Mr. Bruce Garner

President of the House of Deputies
The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings


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