Voices of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship Young Adult Delegation: Andrew Amanda Leigh-Bullard

As a member of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship Young Adult Delegation, I had only a vague sense of what my work at GC would look like. I applied because I knew that I have a story to share with our church, but I had only the vaguest sense of what that would look like. After being accepted I started skimming the resolutions with growing anxiety, as I only felt connected to a few of them. Then I stumbled across A074 Updating the Safeguarding Materials. I decided that I should probably say something on it, though I wasn't really invested in it. As I started to prepare what I might say, my investment grew. I realized that the dated nature of these resources, might be more than inconvenient but possibly dangerous.

I remembered that the gap in information about LGBTQ people who work with youth might have played a role in the way I got in trouble at an Episcopal Camp, because my very identity was considered inappropriate for youth. I remembered that pain, an injury still not fully healed. In the space of hours I went from being partially interested, to engaged, to passionate and eager. I knew that while the resolution at the time didn't include LGBTQ as I got up testify I knew that there was a space for growth, for amendment, for change. So I spoke, shaking and unsteady, rushing to get the words out. I left the meeting relieved that at least I had spoken. Later, when I learned that not only had the resolution been amended, but had been added to the HoD consent calendar, I realized the power that a voice can have. Now I'm excited to see where the rest of the process will lead.


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