Marriage Equality: A True Blessing to the Church and the World

Over the past three years the Taskforce for the Study of Marriage has brought some of the greatest minds and most devout hearts of our church together to study and explore the meaning and context of marriage in our Anglican Christian context.  They studied Holy Scripture and built upon on the theological works of the past two millennia.  Their report both thoughtfully and faithfully explored the depth of God’s gift to those who marry.  Marriage, while dynamic throughout history, has stood through the ages as a specific way to live out our Christian lives and vocations.  Their report -- which is part of the 78th General Convention Blue Book -- underscores another great truth; marriage blesses the church and the world.

Each of us knows of marriages which bless the church and the world she serves.  More and more, most of us are witnessing the blessing that same-sex marriages bring to our congregations and communities.  

At this time at least 75% of all Episcopalians live in states or jurisdictions which allow people of the same gender to marry.  We can rejoice as a church since, in 2012, both chambers of the General Convention voted overwhelmingly to “end discrimination against same-sex marriage” [Resolution 2012.D018].

This week the Supreme Court of the United States is likely to open wide our courthouse doors to same-sex couples who wish to enter into the institution of marriage.  This week the General Convention will be prayerfully considering whether The Episcopal Church will open its doors fully to these couples, too. 

The Episcopal Church has the opportunity to lead and recognize the blessing that these marriages make to the whole church.  We can build upon our many years of work welcoming gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people into our pews.  The Episcopal Church can now welcome them before the altar and be blessed by their sacramental marriage commitments and their lives of faith.

This church has already recognized the blessing that same-sex couples bring to our Christian family and have rejected civil marriage discrimination. Now we can set our hope on Christ and affirm the blessing that marriage equality can bring to the Church.  We can finally “let our yes be yes!”

- Matt Haines, President, Integrity USA


  1. Being an Episcopal Priest, teaching at a college, and heading a 300 member LGBT community I pray that the Convention will vote to allow same sex marriage (not solely blessings). I have been told by some that Convention members would end up voting to table the subject in lieu of concentrating on the voting for a new Presiding Bishop. I hope that this is not the case considering the Supreme Court's decision this morning.


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