From the History of ISSUES

ISSUES, conceived in the living room of the late William Stringfellow, has been around as a voice for social justice at General Conventions since 1967.  This year we are going to reprint some articles from our history.
    September 12, 1979, Denver

Integrity is approaching the “Spears Report” with moderation. Though they object to words within it and disagree with some of its positions, they are not opposing it completely.  Their idea is to delete all but the last “resolve” and have that passed. In other words, the Convention would vote to do nothing to restrict the normal functioning of the present process of admission to Holy Orders. Failing this, they would prefer tabling the whole matter. This decision represents remarkably cool thinking on the part of a repressed minority which is just beginning its struggle for equal rights and human respect. The Church can do no less than grant them their rightful place as Baptized Christians. It is Baptism that creates the Body of Christ and is the only sacramental prerequisite for being in Holy Orders.  Baptism creates the Diaconate, the Priesthood and the Episcopate, and most importantly the Laity.  Baptized homosexuals are already ORDAINED INTO ETERNAL LIFE.  After this, the problem of Holy Orders is a minor one.


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