From the History of ISSUES

ISSUES, conceived in the living room of the late William Stringfellow, has been around as a voice for social justice at General Conventions since 1967.  This year we are going to reprint some articles from our history.
    September 22, 1976, Minneapolis

“We Haven’t Done All
                  We Set Out To Do
But Lord, It’s Been A
                  Mighty Good Day”

Many members of U.B.E. were heard humming this popular Gospel song following the election results at this Convention… with the first time election of two Black priests, Greene and Hayes, to Executive Council… this Convention has been a mighty good day.
Before we go on our way rejoicing, however, the sober reality of our witness and mission looms larger on the horizon. Are we going to oppose publicly the execution of the Death Penalty in our States? Are we going to prioritize support for creative Urban Mission strategies which can help save our major cities from irreversible segregation and violence? Are we going to redefine Mission in such a way that foreign and domestic programs will no longer be put in the position of fighting for the same meager dollars? And are we going to develop a theological and educational base to undergird the change of life style actions our crisis of diminishing resources demands? For Lord knows, we need a lot of Good Days! 

- Edward Rodman


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