Fair Trade in the General Convention Exhibit Hall

The General Convention Exhibit Hall is a World Market Place. Between booths and tables informing and engaging us in a variety of ministries, outfitting liturgical ministers and filling home and church libraries with new books, there are many vendors bringing items crafted by village artists from around the world, and being sold at fair trade standards. The money from these sales goes back into communities, and artists are paid fairly and justly for their work.

Check out:

The Latin American Committee Tee Shirt Booth (201)

     Arizona based and supporting border relief.

Friends of Sabeel (227) 

    Hand crafted Palestinian items.

African Team Ministries (307)

     Working directly with The Anglican Church in East Africa 
     to bring hand crafted items.

Betty Wood Enterprises (300)

     Featuring items (stoles, jewelry) made by a Guatemalan 
     women’s co-op.

Colores del Publeo (400) 

     Featuring Latin American Fair Trade Items.

Thistle Farms (1100)

     Oils and lotions supporting women survivors of violence.

The Consultation Organizations 

     Look for us under the Consultation Banner.


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