Didn't You Keep Turning Around?

I was glad when they said unto me,
let US go to the house of the Lord.
We mostly did it, We almost did.
We almost became a real live Us.

The conga line formed and we all turned.
We sang Siyahamba and we danced.
And didn't you keep turning around,
And turning around to see the Us.  

The Us assembled baptized Body,                                                            
Completely unwilling to sit still,
Keeping hands folded on the desk top,
And our eyes looking forward at Them.

Environmental theology
Defaults to empire mode of being.
The best one could do one supposes,
Given convention contingencies.

Let's rebel and keep turning around
Organic, wanting, feeling; Body
The whole people of God assembled
Not for a show but for the Kingdom.

Let's keep turning around and around
And around and around and around
Till we circle and see and make real
The presence of Jesus in the Us.

- Philip Carr-Jones,
Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission