Episcopal Peace Fellowship Advocacy

The Consultation’s Platform includes this plank: ‘Recognize The Episcopal Church’s complicity in the suffering of the Palestinian people during the brutal Occupation and take steps to remove Church investments contributing to the Occupation’s infrastructure.’
The Episcopal Peace Fellowship’s Palestine Israel Network will be following four resolutions which contain provisions relating to this statement:
• C003 Work for Justice & Peace in Israel-Palestine;
• C012 Divest/boycott products supporting infrastructure of occupation;
• C018 Pursue Justice, Peace and Security in the Holy Land; and
• D016 Being Socially Responsible Investors in Palestine & Israel.

Read about these initiatives in the article on our website ‘Q&A Background information on Palestine and Israel’ at http://epfnational.org/PIN/qa-background-information

The Social Justice & International Policy Committee (07) will hold a hearing on these and other resolutions on Palestine/Israel on Thursday, June 25 from 11:15AM-1:00PM, continuing at 2:00PM if necessary.


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