The House of Deputies will be debating many of the following important resolutions today in a special order of business. We ask for your support!
B003 On the Status of Jerusalem   Portions of D041 incorporated in this resolution.

B018 A Resolution for Reconciliation and Engagement in the Holy Land     Notes indicate that this will be discharged.

B021 Support Aid to Palestinian Refugees

C035 Due Process for Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Courts     Portions of this incorporated in C038.

C038 Safeguard the Rights of Palestinian Children

D018 Negotiating the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

D019 Ending Church Complicity in the Occupation

D027 Pursuing Justice in Gaza

D028 Freedom of Speech and Right to Boycott

D038 Civil Rights and Equality for All in Israel

D039 Regarding Occupation and Apartheid

D041 Protecting Jerusalem. See B003

B016 Adopt ELCA action on Israel/Palestine.   Committee report in progress; it will be reported favorably with a few minor changes in wording.

B019 Impact Investing for Palestine.

C017 A Just Peace in the Holy Land will be reported out favorably with some changes.


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