Cuba Si! (Yes) y Cuba Ahora! (Now)

Before the beginning of the 79th General Convention, the question of Cuba’s readmission into TEC was identified as a major issue that would come before Bishops and Deputies. As nothing is ahistorical, it is important to note how we have arrived at this point. In 1966, with the effects of the Cuban Revolution and the political response of The United States, the House of Bishops of The Episcopal Church voted to separate the Diocese of Cuba from the Church leaving it an autonomous diocese without a provincial home. Cuba never left the Church, the Church left Cuba.

La Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba has done what it needed to do: changed canons, paid an Assessment to TEC, and provided a complete accounting, drafted and proposed a budget, convened a Synod and more. Cuba has done its part. While questions have been raised as to whether General Convention has the legal authority to act on this matter, there is a belief that based on Constitutions and Canons, this can be acted upon now. Resolution A238 should be passed. As a Church that has prioritized being a Beloved Community, and reconciling the past sins of this country and Church, we now have another opportunity to do so, to right the wrong.

It is well known that our hallmark evangelistic adage is “The Episcopal Church welcomes you”. But does it welcome all equally? Do we welcome back when we have cast aside our own? As has been highlighted at different points during our Convention, if we want reconciliation, if we want to heal, we must tell the truth first. The truth is that beyond politics and formalities, we owe this to our siblings in the Episcopal Church of Cuba. So yes, Cuba SI! (Yes!) but more importantly, Cuba Ahora! (Now!). The time really is, now.

- Mr. Brian Romero, Deputy, Diocese of Long Island


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