From the History of ISSUES: "Anti-Violence - A Pro-Active Stance"

September 11, 1985:

Violence as a first-order response to perceived threat, is and has been approved by our society. Its range of impact on our daily lives can scarcely be measured. T.V., movies, wars, battering, the corporate board room -- real and pretend violence permeates our environment.

Like violence, anti-violence is a complex issue. It begins with something stimulates awareness. Someone we know is murdered. Unable to find a job. Held hostage. Insulted because of their color, their speech, the shape of their skin.

Passive non-reaction draws attention to the deed but does not impact its place of origin. To be actively non-violent -- that is to make conscious pro-active moves against violence -- is what is called for to change this bio-cultural way of behaving…

… Anti-violence is to be actively opposed to violence: the violence in the slum and the violence of the slum. In our prisons and in our justice system. In the Indian reservation and of the reservations themselves. In the treatment of mail order Asian wives and of a system that permits it.

Violence is found among those who prey upon the elderly and poor. Texans recently found there is no law against starving one’s parents, although denying food and water to pets and children is prohibited.


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