Poetry Corner: Summer Thoughts

Dangerous it were for our feeble minds
to wander far into the doings of
the Almighty.
Our highest knowledge of God is that we know God not.
the safest eloquence concerning God
is our silence.

                      Therefore our words should be wary and few. *

YHWH is not to be given voice on the tongue
So sacred the holy name that Hebrew scribes
Left out vowels.

Speaking this Name is the blasphemy of Cheap
made virtuous in our day of the infinitely

                   Let us pray and close our mouths all together.
Summer is for lightness which needs be silent, though,
we are all merely peddler of words
in need of pause.

Our lives grow deeper when speech decreases;
our loves are most truly expressed without

                        Talking about it is vastly overrated.
May the season's languor offer release;
A happy excuse for giving breath to
empty spaces.

Finding peace with the unexplainable,
and all our words sabotaged by laughter,
lips iced by tea.

            Enjoy the summer, friends, and friend the quiet.

- Philip Carr-Jones


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