Episcopal Urban Caucus

Episcopal Urban Caucus has for the past two years been reflecting on our current ministry. Like many of our sister organizations, we recognized that we are an aging community and that we need to define and implement a new way of doing things. In 2019, we met in Indianapolis, with the objective of unpacking and learning about our current practices and defining what we saw as our future. We decided that we could move into 2020 with a clear idea of our future.

Our Assembly, originally scheduled to meet in Memphis, TN from March 25 – 28, 2020, for the fortieth anniversary of the Episcopal Urban Caucus has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When we reschedule, our theme is expected to remain Church & the Gentrifying City – Beyond Community Development. We'll invite people of faith and community partners to explore the transformational potential of development that is led by community-based leaders and designed to meet community-defined needs. The Caucus plans to keep partnering with the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee and its dynamic cohort of faith rooted community-based organizers activists and visionaries.

To learn more, visit www.episcopalurbancaucus.org.


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