Thanks to all who helped with ISSUES at #GC78!

Thanks to those who did the thankless work of standing behind the stanchions passing out newsletter after newsletter. Thanks to the good folks at Fedex Office, accommodating odd requests at odd hours. Thanks to Matthew Johnson, our off-site editor. And, of course, thanks to the many writers that contributed to ISSUES this go around. It was a privilege to work with so many gifted, sharp, faithful people. I particularly want to thank our two most prolific writers. The Rev. Holly Antolini of the Diocese of Massachusetts had the brilliant idea to interview women leaders in the church to raise their profiles in a time where we know we need more women in church leadership, but often fail to see the women leaders right under our noses. Holly’s last piece is on page 2. And then there is indefatigable Laura Russell of the Diocese of Newark who cranked out TONS of economic justice content. Economic justice, less sexy than other justice work, often gets short shrift but Laura refused to let the needs of the poor be ignored. Her last article begins below.

With sincere gratitude,
Matthew Stewart, ISSUES Editor


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