ISSUES joins with Integrity in great joy as the Episcopal Church yesterday passed resolutions A054 and A036 allowing for the marriage of same-sex persons in our church.  The arc of the moral universe may be long but, every once in a while, a week comes along when the curve towards justice is dizzyingly sharp!

Between the Supreme Court’s ruling last week and our church’s decision yesterday, we rejoice that LGBT rights have been advanced and that we have taken a decided step forward towards justice for all. 
Of course, there is much more work yet to be done for LGBT people and for all the disenfranchised. But today we slow down and take a moment to savor the goodness of God, and to give thanks to all those many throughout the years who have prayed and toiled that this day might come! 

May we who continue their work have the strength and faith to honor them as we march even further down the road to the Beloved Community and the full Reign of God.


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